Philosophy of Christian Education

At New Dorp Christian Academy, we believe that it is our responsibility to partner with families to train and nurture the whole person. God teaches us that we are to love Him with all our heart, soul, and strength. To this end we seek to train and nurture the child’s heart through our excellent curriculum and the word of God, as well as the child’s body through various physical activities (such as gym class and bowling). Thus the development of the whole child is emphasized at New Dorp Christian Academy.

We also believe that education does not take place exclusively in the classroom. We believe that children are always learning. Therefore, we stress the importance of the school, working in concert with the home and the church. At New Dorp Christian Academy, we support the home and the church and instill Godly family values in all that we do.

Our staff is made up of educationally qualified and highly trained professionals who are members of a local evangelical church. In addition to their high academic and professional qualifications, each teacher is chosen for their moral and ethical lifestyle. You can send your child to New Dorp Christian Academy with confidence that your child will be in the best and safest environment outside your home.